Remove Windows Defence Malware to Protect Your PC

There is a clone of Defence Center Malware which is named as Windows Defence. It looks like a security application but actually it is a typical rogue tool. It is promoted on several misleading websites including and they say that it is legitimate software. Other than websites it also spread via Trojan and other Malware programs. The windows defence secretly enters into the victim’s computer and do all the pre-defined malicious activity including those tons of counterfeit security alerts. Few examples are:

System Alert! Your Computer is infected!”

Windows has detected spyware infection! It is recommended to use special antispyware tools to prevent data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date antispyware for you. Click here to protect your computer from spyware!

This software has nothing which can detect spyware infection or other infections. These alerts are false and made only in order to make user purchase the product. It is a broadline scam and you should never give money to these scammers and under no circumstances pay for This software!

Windows Defence annoys people by pop-ups and this brings additional trouble like hijacked web browser and disabled security apps. It will be installed into your system without your permission and all its activities are suspicious. So you should know how to get rid of windows Defence.

There are two ways Windows Defence can be removed from your system:

Manually step by step Removal
Automatic Easy Removal

The manual steps involve dozens of instructions to follow and if you do it manually, it will take much time. You have to block windows defence sites first. Then you need to stop and remove the malicious processes. Next you have to locate and delete windows defence registry entries. Finally you have to detect and delete other associated files.

If you think that it is tough to go through manual process then you are right because if you do mistakes, your system will become unstable and you may loss all your data present on that system. So you need to go through the automatic and easy windows Removal and for this you need to use a strong professional application which should be powerful enough to find and remove every single file of this application completely from the system and fix all the problems that started after installing the Windows Defence. PC Health Advisor is the ideal one that will be perfect to remove Windows Defence from your pc and also repairing all the infected files as well as system settings including those vital registry settings. It will fully optimize your PC for best performance and your pc becomes faster than before and you will experience it yourself just after you scan and repair all those problems using PC Health Advisor.