Best Self Defence Security Products

It’s estimated that every minute someone is being assaulted in the world, whether it be for money, a nice jacket or just for the fun of it. With the crime rate increasing especially in the US, it makes sense to not only protect yourself, but your family too. Most situations can be avoided but for others you need to offer yourself the best defence possible so you are prepared for any future situations.

On the market today you will find many self defense products that are available to give you the best defence possible, inside or out. With prices being relatively cheap there really isn’t no excuse to not take precautions, you never know what lies in front of you.

So what kind of devices are we talking about? Well, one popular item is the police magnum pen This device looks like your standard writing pen but concealed within is a tiny pepper spray canister which is great against unsuspecting thieves. For women you can purchase a lipstick pepper spray that looks identical to your average lipstick unit which can spurt pepper spray in emergency situations.

Both are great devices to stun either a thief or intruder in the home giving you and your family valuable time to report to the police and get your family to safety.

With such a wide range of similar self defence devices available which are very affordable ranging from $5 to $10, you can be safe in the knowledge that you and your family are protected if an unfortunate event were to ever occur.