Modern urban living is not without its dangers, many inner city areas are suffering from ever increasing levels of violent crime, police are stretched to the limit trying to keep the streets safe and the law seems to favour the criminal over the victim in most cases. If you are concerned for your own safety and are considering some form of defence personal pepper spray guns could just be the answer.

Almost every civilised country does not allow the public to carry any form of weapons defence which could be deemed lethal, this means for those who are looking for a way to secure their own defence personal weapons are not an option in most cases. However, an increasingly common form of non-lethal weapons defence is pepper spray. For many people who proactively secure their own defence personal pepper spray guns are the ideal option.

Pepper guns are discreet, easily concealed and very simple to operate. They are used to administer a non-lethal dose of pepper based liquid directly into the face of any attacker, resulting in temporary blindness, panic and disorientation. Pepper spray is a very passive form of weapons defence, never used as a direct attack, simply administered to allow the victim time to escape and avoid the actions of their attacker.

Although the actual legal situation is somewhat grey regarding this kind of self defence personal pepper guns are often deemed as relatively harmless, and are unlikely to find the user facing any legal action taken against them, although it should be noted that just because using pepper spray for weapons defence is not strictly illegal in many countries, the use of this kind of weapon could lead to the user facing assault charges if it is deemed that the pepper spray was used inappropriately.

As a discreet form of weapons defence, pepper spray is easily concealed in a pocket or shoulder bag; ready for instant use should it be required. Applicators and guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a tiny aerosol type can to a large gun assembly complete with trigger and stock. The aerosol form is often a use once a discard type of product, whilst the gun type can be refilled and used many times. A major advantage of the gun form of weapons defence is that they can be loaded with water filled tests cartridges so that they can be tested from time to time and ensure that they will be functioning properly when they are needed.

If you are serious about your own defence personal pepper spray may be the perfect option for you. A suitably effective non-lethal weapons defence that is relatively inexpensive, easy to carry and incredibly effective when used properly.

If you reside in a nation that boasts of a strong army base and the latest defence munitions than you are one of those lucky ones, who do not need to worry about their security issues. Strong Defence force loaded with an array of latest technology weapons is enough to combat attacks for the rivals. A strong defense force can only be build with well trained defence personnel and the latest arms and ammunition.

Everybody wants to live a peaceful life and fear to face the consequences of a war. It is the duty of the nation to provide absolute security to all its citizens. After the 9/11 incident, that happened to one of the most powerful nation like America. Almost every country’s prime concerns have shifted to the most important issue – National Security. With the context of security, the focus automatically comes down on the issue of ammunition or defence munitions that include firearms, artilleries, bombs, missiles, warheads, and mines (landmines, naval mines, and anti-personnel mines). These ammunition are developed in the laboratories and than manufactured in munitions factories. The modern munitions are loaded with the latest technological advancements that help the defence personnel to combat the opponents vigorously. Such combat munitions are very intelligently designed and requite trained people to handle them.

The invention of pyrotechnic munitions is latest discovery that enables the user to experience a greater control on the weapon by redirecting or incapacitating the targets. The technique involved in this type of weapon allows the operator to engage a variable delay system which enables him/her to select the desired engagement distance for the munition. The weapon operator can use different operational ranges for the target, all he got do is manually select a specific delay time prior to deployment of the weapon. Simply, pyrotechnic munitions are those weapons that can be deployed at a selected time and the user can specific the delay time prior to the detonation.

Possessing such high-end latest ammunition is a matter of pride for any nation. Another vital aspect that must be considered important is a definite way to procure safe storage facilities for these munitions. They are very agile and require constant monitoring even when they are not in use. Hence, it is mandatory to take special attention towards the storage needs to these hi-tech equipments.

Denis Ferranti Group is a family owned engineering firm that has been providing technologically advanced equipments and services to its reputed clients. It has been developing variety of ammunition for the Defence forces.

Women’s Self Defence – Be Aware Of It

Womens self defence is a critical issue for the modern woman. Self defence issues require today’s woman to be ever-vigilant for her safety and security. It is possible for a woman to take measures to secure her position in the world and to eliminate unnecessary risks to her safety while at the same time enjoying a full, unimpeded life. It is very common for women to enjoy active lives, having full-time jobs with significant responsibility and prestige.

A woman functioning at a high level of responsibility and activity often chooses to travel as part of her job. In that capacity, she is exposed to many different situations in which she must keep her eyes and ears open to remain safe. It is wise for women exposed to situations which may compromise their security to be aware of proper self defence techniques to ensure that they do not find themselves vulnerable to attack while travelling or working alone.

Women Can Defend Themselves

While women are thoroughly capable of practising self defence on their own behalf, it is wise for them to seek instruction on the most effective strategies to ensure that they are protected from any known threat. It is prudent for a woman to be in the position of defending herself whenever possible. There are simple key strategies available that women can learn for use when fending off an unwanted attack or eluding an unwanted pursuer. There are also common sense techniques which may help protect a woman working or travelling alone from harm or surprises.

Women should always make themselves aware of their surroundings when walking or driving alone. It is important to be alert to anyone in their general area, and how they are acting. It is important to walk purposefully to exude an appearance of authority and self assurance. Women carrying purses or parcels should take care to ensure that the items cannot be easily snagged by other persons in their general vicinity. It is also important to refrain from carrying items of obvious value that might attract undue attention, including flashy jewelry or clothing.

Simple Womens Self Defence Techniques

There are a number of simple self defence strategies that any person can use if necessary. One useful stance for self defence is for a woman to walk carrying her keys poking out between her fingers like small sticks as she holds the key ring in her palm for use in case she has to defend herself physically. The keys can easily be used to scratch someone or even to injure an attacker’s eyes if necessary. Another helpful maneuver is to trip the assailant while being accosted. Both of these suggestions should be used as the woman is fleeing her attacker, to buy her a little time to get away or draw attention to the attack.

Womens Self Defence Is Important

Womens Self Defence should be a primary consideration for the modern woman. Attempting self defence is not a pleasant prospect. Being informed about womens self defence techniques is the best way to be ready in the event that the unthinkable happens. Being aware of the surrounding environment, being careful about what is being carried, and being ready to assume a defensive position in the event of an unwanted act are simple ways a woman can protect herself.

There is a clone of Defence Center Malware which is named as Windows Defence. It looks like a security application but actually it is a typical rogue tool. It is promoted on several misleading websites including and they say that it is legitimate software. Other than websites it also spread via Trojan and other Malware programs. The windows defence secretly enters into the victim’s computer and do all the pre-defined malicious activity including those tons of counterfeit security alerts. Few examples are:

System Alert! Your Computer is infected!”

Windows has detected spyware infection! It is recommended to use special antispyware tools to prevent data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date antispyware for you. Click here to protect your computer from spyware!

This software has nothing which can detect spyware infection or other infections. These alerts are false and made only in order to make user purchase the product. It is a broadline scam and you should never give money to these scammers and under no circumstances pay for This software!

Windows Defence annoys people by pop-ups and this brings additional trouble like hijacked web browser and disabled security apps. It will be installed into your system without your permission and all its activities are suspicious. So you should know how to get rid of windows Defence.

There are two ways Windows Defence can be removed from your system:

Manually step by step Removal
Automatic Easy Removal

The manual steps involve dozens of instructions to follow and if you do it manually, it will take much time. You have to block windows defence sites first. Then you need to stop and remove the malicious processes. Next you have to locate and delete windows defence registry entries. Finally you have to detect and delete other associated files.

If you think that it is tough to go through manual process then you are right because if you do mistakes, your system will become unstable and you may loss all your data present on that system. So you need to go through the automatic and easy windows Removal and for this you need to use a strong professional application which should be powerful enough to find and remove every single file of this application completely from the system and fix all the problems that started after installing the Windows Defence. PC Health Advisor is the ideal one that will be perfect to remove Windows Defence from your pc and also repairing all the infected files as well as system settings including those vital registry settings. It will fully optimize your PC for best performance and your pc becomes faster than before and you will experience it yourself just after you scan and repair all those problems using PC Health Advisor.

The US has established a program of Security Cooperation with foreign sovereign nations who share common interest and values to meet common defence goals. Island Consulting has learnt that the Security Programmes must be authorised by the US Foreign Assistance Act and, as amended, by the Arms Export Control Act to enable the Department of Defence, or commercial contractor, to provide defence services and articles in support of national policies and objectives.

The two key programs within the security cooperation brief are Foreign Military Sales and International Military Education and Training, (FMS & IMET). The FMF program is managed by the Department of Defence on a not for profit basis. The beneficial country in question has grant aid allocated which may be “spent” against the acquisition of US defence articles in support of security cooperation.
When required defence articles or services have been identified, in the end user country, the countries representative must provide a Letter of Request normally through the local US Embassy Office of Defence Cooperation representative.

The reply could be in the form of Price and Availability information or a Letter of Offer and Acceptance. If the requesting country accepts the LOA the US will then provide the material or services offered.

A wide range of articles may be requested through the FMF program including such things as; Electronic Defence Systems, Logistics systems, Support equipment, and training. Training in US military schools can also be available particularly where items being acquired are similar to those items being transferred through the FMF programme.

As a separate line of Defence Cooperation countries can be offered support for IMET International Military Education and Training, after making the appropriate request as for FMF.

US companies operating in the defence field can benefit their European business by taking advantage of these Cooperation programs and implementing IT and Defence systems supported by FMF.
It is interesting to see how the US Foreign Assistance is requested at the Congress level as this gives an idea of the priorities assigned to individual recipient nations.

If we limit our interest to Central and eastern Europe we can see that the mature Western nations are understandably not offered direct assistance, but the former Eastern European nations have accrued considerable benefit as they bring their Defence infrastructure and systems more in line with western standards. Typically Hungary, Poland and the Czech republic have been beneficial recipients but this has now moved in favour of countries such as Bulgaria, Romania the Ukraine and most recently Turkey.
By way of example Island Consulting understands that in 2005 Bulgaria received approval for $6.9m, Romania $29m and Ukraine $3m whilst Turkey received $33.7m.

Island Consulting is an independent Research Consultancy giving your organisation business advantage in Government, Defence and Public Sector account research within Western Europe. Services include: Market Intelligence for ICT companies targeting Government, Defence and Public Sector accounts. If you are focusing on these customers Island Consulting can deliver specific market intelligence data to improve your business opportunities. Three key methodologies are employed to meet customers market intelligence requirements.

1.Meetings and interviews with MoD, Public Sector and Defence experts enables up to date information to be effectively collected for standard reports or customer specific requirements. 2. Dedicated data gathering includes opens source desk research augmented by direct follow up with the targeted accounts. 3. Telephone research is available for customer projects or sales campaigns.

Self Defence is the term used to describe a wide range of strategies and tactics in order to keep you safe. Self Defence should be considered as a continuum ranging from insuring that issues don’t arise all the way through dealing with the legalities and after effects of a situation. An effective self defence system must take into account the tactics required for different situations and also the environment

The key areas

Prevention Tactics – These are pre-planned approaches to self defence, this includes home alarms and security, planning your travel routes and understanding and taking action on the risks that exist.

Avoidance Tactics – These tactics cover situations such as being confronted with aggression or being targeted by street criminals or predators. The key tactics here are situational awareness, assertiveness, focus, verbal de-escalation strategies and decision making

Physical Escape Tactics – These set of tactics focus on the use of Physical force to ensure your safety. This includes breakaways, escapes from being held, defence against striking and striking in your own defence. Physical tactics must also include issues such as multiple attackers, tight spaces, ground defence and weapons.

Legal Considerations – An understanding of the legal view on self defence is important in a complete self defence solution. Interpretations can vary, but in general most observe the concept of reasonable force. The question that is considered is whether your actions were reasonable and in-line with the threat faced, and was the level of force appropriate. A simple guideline is always to be focused on escape, so the moment you can safely leave the scene you must. Self defence law also allows you act in the defence of others and property.

Environment is also a factor in an overall self defence plan, as risk and vulnerability may change with location.

The following considerations should be taken into account

At Home – As already mentioned home security such as alarms and appropriate locks on doors and windows should be considered, but other factors that should be taken into account include escape routes, secure rooms to retreat to, emergency communication and ensuring incidental weapons such as kitchen knives are not available to intruders

At Work – A significant amount of time is spent at work so you should also consider your safety while at work. Ensure you understand you company’s approach to dealing with security, do they vet staff, are your required to be alone with others, is there a risk from visitos or customers, does your work put you at risk. If any of these factors are a cause for concern action should be taken.

Socialising – A significant amount of crime happens around socialising, often alcohol is involved and security awareness can be lowered. These factors are very well understood by predators seeking to use these situations to their advantage.

Commuting – How you travel must also be a factor in self defence, make sure you understand the risk associated with types of transports and locations. Late night buses, trains and subways can be high risk. If you are travelling to a unfamiliar destination or using an unfamiliar route make sure you adequately understand the route and risk. Try to have an emergency get home plan, either someone you can call or the money for a taxi.

International Travel – When travelling to new countries we can find ourselves at risk. The experience can be unfamiliar and often overwhelming. Ports of entry are often targeted by unsavoury characters who want to take advantage of the confusion felt by new arrivals. Make sure to preplan you entry and know how you will leave the port before you arrive and consider organizing to be met and picked up by a trustworthy source. When booking accommodation make sure to assess the location and environment from a safety and risk perspective. In general but especially when on unfamiliar territory try not to show off valuables which might attract a predator.

In summary a complete self defence system must take provide you with the tactics to safe in various different situations and must also deal with the environments you inhabit.

Patrick cumiskey is the founder of Skiltful

It’s estimated that every minute someone is being assaulted in the world, whether it be for money, a nice jacket or just for the fun of it. With the crime rate increasing especially in the US, it makes sense to not only protect yourself, but your family too. Most situations can be avoided but for others you need to offer yourself the best defence possible so you are prepared for any future situations.

On the market today you will find many self defense products that are available to give you the best defence possible, inside or out. With prices being relatively cheap there really isn’t no excuse to not take precautions, you never know what lies in front of you.

So what kind of devices are we talking about? Well, one popular item is the police magnum pen This device looks like your standard writing pen but concealed within is a tiny pepper spray canister which is great against unsuspecting thieves. For women you can purchase a lipstick pepper spray that looks identical to your average lipstick unit which can spurt pepper spray in emergency situations.

Both are great devices to stun either a thief or intruder in the home giving you and your family valuable time to report to the police and get your family to safety.

With such a wide range of similar self defence devices available which are very affordable ranging from $5 to $10, you can be safe in the knowledge that you and your family are protected if an unfortunate event were to ever occur.

It is simply unbelievable that so many people are assaulted every day for just a few bucks or the coat of their back. It is vital that we protect ourselves from harm especially with today’s rising crime rates. More importantly, we must protect our loved ones both at home and when out and about. So many people think it will never happen to them – until it’s too late. Being unprepared is simply asking for trouble so what can be done protect ourselves from danger and attack?

By understanding what self defence security products that are on the market will help you make a choice of which is best for you and your family. There has never been a better time than now to arm yourself with the best self defence products for your protection.

One of the most effective self defence products is the Stunning Ring. Worn on the 1st or 2nd finger, this ring will disable an assailant instantly with an extremely powerful pepper spray. The beauty of the stunning ring is that it will be immediately available the instant you need it. It simply looks like a normal piece of jewelry so a potential attacker would have no idea what to expect. It is excellent if you are out jogging, on a date or in a club to combat against rape, violence or attack. It is activated by flipping the latch and pressing a button on the side of the ring. Once a pepper spray shot has been deployed a replacement canister can be purchased. These excellent self defence pepper spray rings retail at a very affordable $40.

If you are on a budget then a conventional pocket pepper spray could be for you. These retail at around $10 and contain 4 one second bursts of pepper spray. They are effective up to 8 feet. Complete in a leatherette holster to keep in your handbag, purse or pocket, they make a perfect accessory for your self defence requirements.

The Pepper Pager looks like any regular pager – but has one difference. It contains two 1/2 oz canisters of pepper shot and both are released at the same time. They have a great range of 8-12 feet to be sure of disabling the attacker. They contain 10-12 one second bursts. These retail at around $10 also.

Another discrete pepper spray device is the Pepper Spray Pen. An attacker will not suspect that your pen will hold pepper spray that will protect you from harm. Again, these cost around $10.

Keep safe and look after you and your family by keeping a pepper spray self defence product on your person at all times.